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Never a Lonely Moment, Why Solo Travel is Trending (Keshia Hendriks)

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  • Who are you?

“I’m a 30 year old Dutch woman, living in my 4WD and travelling solo a cross Australia. Working some weeks or months full-time for an employer and part-time online and in between jobs I am travelling as much as possible. “

  • When you think of the word travel, where does your imagination take you?

“For me the word travel and than specially Solo Travel, is strongly connected to Freedom.
I do whatever I want to do and I do this whenever I want to do it, I do not have to make any compromises without being selfish. This all gives a feeling of Freedom. Why Freedom is so important to me? I have lived most of my live in a cocoon because of low self-esteem, fear of what others where thinking of me, fear of doing something alone and now I am finally living my life as a butterfly, flying around in freedom. Doing what I want and like to do and mostly, by myself.”

  • How were you introduced to Solo travelling?

“In 2016 I had to take drastic measures (if you want to know more about this, read http://www.solotravellinggirl/2018/01/09/lifestyle). After this all, I decided to do everything differently from now on. I kind of left my old life and lifestyle behind and started a new one. It is not that I forgot or don’t want to know about what has happened, because in a way I am really grateful for all of that. Grateful for where it brought me in the end, as it made me a stronger person. “

  • How would you say you feel about Solo travelling now compared to when you took your first Solo trip?

“This is my first but longest solo trip ever, I hope this is going to be a never ending story. Since the day I left in October 2016 until today (February 2018) I am travelling solo. Travelling Solo doesn’t mean that I am always alone. On the road I meet the most lovely and inspiring people. I spent some time with them, this can be a day, a week or longer. Like I told you before I have never given myself the chance to do something alone and now I see being alone as freedom. I do not always want to go the same way as the people that I meet and I don’t want to make any compromises anymore, so I follow my own path. If I want to go right, I go right, if that means I have to say goodbye, than I say goodbye. In the end most of these people that I have met became friends for lifetime or at least memories for lifetime.”

  • Are there any destinations you would recommend for other Solo Travelers and if so why do you recommend them?

“I wouldn’t recommend a certain destination, I would just recommend travelling solo wherever you want to go to. 

But if I really have to answer your question, the answer would be: Europe or Australia, these countries are easy to travel and kind of safe to travel solo. “

Sydney Opera House

  • As a Solo Traveler, do you come across single supplement fees? If so do you have any tips or recommendations on how to get around them?

“I have never heard of this term before, so I googled it… so it basically means: charging a single person more for a room.
In the country where I am travelling now I have never had this experience and I never will have. I travel in my own 4WD that I have transformed to a little camper and I mostly overnight on free campsites. I have stayed in some hostels, but then I book a female or a mixed dorm and these prices are always based on a single person.

  • How do you select your travel destinations when you travel alone?

“I do not select or plan, I just go wherever the wind blows me to. Before I started this journey in Australia, I did not really do any research about things to do and to see. I did research for all the really important stuff like visas, climate, insurance etc. Doing research about places to visit and things to see and do creates expectations, and often expectations are giving disappointment.

Sometimes I follow the sun, sometimes I follow a feeling and sometimes I see something in a travel brochure or on the internet and if I am interested, I go there. 
See this as me lying in my hammock next to my car, drinking my morning coffee and reading some articles on the Internet. An hour later I’m driving to the destination, from that article, that just popped-up in my screen. “

  • Where do you plan on travelling to next, and what are you most looking forward to doing on this trip?

“Until October 2018 I will probably be in Australia, as this is the date my visa is expiring. At the moment I am in Western Australia. I have seen the whole bottom part of Australia so most logic is to do the whole top now. But as I said before I do not have a plan, I just live by the day.  “

  • Where did you take your first Solo vacation and were you nervous?

“Like I told before: I never really did something alone, let alone a vacation… So you probably expect my answer will be, Yes, I was very nervous. But I have to surprise you with this one, No I wasn’t nervous at all. 

I wanted to do this, everything from visa to insurance was sorted so I felt fine. I didn’t want to dream my life anymore but I wanted to live my dream and if you want to do something so bad you can do it and make it work. “


  • As a Solo traveler where was your most memorable travel destination, what made that destination memorable and If you could go back to that destination alone would you? If so Why or why not? 

“I have a lot memorable travel destinations. I have memories in Europe, Canada and some countries in Asia, where I was travelling with family and friends. Now that I discovered Solo Travelling I do not really feel the urge to relive the memories that I already have, I just want to make new memories and discover new countries. “

  • What is your most favorite part about travelling Solo?

“My favorite part about travelling solo is that I can go where and when I want to go, I do not have to rush because there are people waiting for me. If I find a mountain top with a beautiful view and I would like to meditate there for hours, I can just do that. If I see a beautiful lake, I can stay there for hours or days without someone winging that they want to go. I love the independence of travelling solo. “

  • What is the most common question/questions you’re asked as a Solo Traveler?

“Are you never alone and are you never afraid?”

  • Do you prefer to travel Solo, with friends or Significant other and why?

“Although I miss my friends and family, I really love to travel solo. I wouldn’t mind if some of my friends came over to Australia to join me for a bit or to meet with them somewhere in Asia and have some days or weeks together. “

  • What are some of your Pros and Cons about traveling Solo?

“The Pros are mostly all described before: feeling of freedom, independent, no compromises etc.

Off course there are some Cons, you travel alone, you make memories alone, you are excited alone and you do not always have a person close to you to share these adventures or memories with or to cuddle when you do not feel good. But in the other hand, these Cons make you trust yourself, learn about yourself and love yourself and only if you are one with yourself you can become one with the world. So are these Cons really Cons? “

  • What would you recommend to other people who are interested in traveling Solo?

“For me it is not something that you have to be recommended about. There has to be a feeling that you want to do it and only “you” can make the decision to do it. It is like quit smoking, you have to have the feeling you want to quit. People can try to convince you but that is not going to work. “

  • Is there anything else you would like to add about Solo Traveling?

“Don’t dream your life, live your dreams. If you can dream it, you can do it. “




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